Protanos Wholesale Bakery

Protanos App is a mobile application designed to help sellers to collect bakery products from anywhere faster, avoiding repeat actions in the ordering process dealing with an unfriendly CRM platform they were using to follow up the clients and sales.


We created a mobile app to solve the problem

 Duration: 12 weeks / Role: UI UX Designer / Design tools: Sketch, Miro, Invision

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Who is Protanos?

Protanos Bakery is one of the largest wholesale distributors of bakery products in southern FL. They sell hundreds of products like bread, cakes, cupcakes, etc., having over 50 years in the business.


How Protanos works?

That is a Protanos Fulfillment Process, from taking the order to the product delivery to knowing how the company works. We will focus on the first stage of the process, the “Order capture” where the sales agent collects the products, builds the order, and gets ready for production.

We must remember that the products are fresh foods, requiring frequent deliveries, so the timing is crucial.

Portanos Fulfillment Process



I used screener surveys to recruit interview participants to get insight into how users perceive the ordering process.

Here is the Whiteboard defining the Problem, Persona, Requirements, Brainstorming, and the sketch at a high level.


The problem

Usability issues

  • Users had difficulty finding the products in the search section to collect and create new orders.
  • Users were using Salesforce org without any customization, and it took a lot of clicks to reach customer contacts and duplicate orders.
  • Users needed to create a recurrent order. These orders would repeat every week until they stopped setting a finish date.

Ideas for improvements

  • The user would like to have a “payment history” section to follow up on the status of the payments.
  • Users would like an action button “share” to send the receipts in PDF to their clients.

Requirements to keep in mind

  • If the user wanted to duplicate an order, they had to create new orders from scratch, wasting time selecting the products and distributing them.
  • Another requirement is that the users can create recurring orders that will be repeated weekly.
  • Another critical point is related to the date of the year. For example, the demand for bakery products increases exponentially during holidays making the process chaotic.



To create a mobile app so the sellers could collect products from anywhere faster, avoiding repeat actions in the ordering process.



Once I achieved greater clarity on features and processes users require, I created a site map with three main areas that would encompass all user stories needed: start a new search, view their books, and access past reads.


First sketch


HI-FI Prototype

Here is the HI-FI clickable prototype in Invision to get feedback or comments from stakeholders and users.
Before reaching this final version, there was a lot of feedback and comments from users and stakeholders.