Protanos Wholesale Bakery

CONTEXT: Protanos Wholesaler Distributor is one of the largest wholesale distributors of bakery products in southern FL. They sell hundreds of products like bread, cakes, cupcakes, key lime pies, etc. Their customers are Bakeries, Cafeterias, Hotels, etc. PROBLEM: The distributors or sales agents (the end user) are using a Salesforce organization to collect the products and prepare the order for distribution. They have to create each new order almost from scratch, wasting a lot of time in the process of selecting the products and distributing the orders. The products being distributed are fresh foods and deliveries are made very frequently, for example, depending on the time of year (holidays, etc.) the demand for these products increases exponentially and makes the process chaotic. SOLUTION: To create a mobile app so that the distribution agents can collect the products and distribute the orders to their customers in a faster way from any place. UX Design: We selected 20 users and collected all data from the process to what the user thinks and finally what the user does in the management process. See the whiteboard in “Miro” for the business process including the most important requirement. And the here is sitemap
UI Design: I used “Sketch” as a designing tool. Also using “Craft” (plugin) for creating the workflows between artboards. “inVision” was used for presentation and collaboration.