BehaviorApp - Mobile App

BehaviorApp – Design System

 Streamlining Data Collection for Registered Behavior Technicians

This app facilitates the collection and organization of crucial patient information during visits. Its intuitive interface allows users to record and analyze various patient behaviors efficiently, ensuring no vital detail is missed.


The app gathers behavioral data through scheduled activities, easily tracking patient behaviors and therapy progress. This data can be seamlessly compiled into detailed reports, aiding RBTs in creating informed treatment plans.


Design System

After I handed off the high-fidelity prototype of BehaviorApp, the stakeholders requested the creation of a comprehensive design system based on this prototype.


This decision was made to leverage the insights and strengths from the prototype, aiming to further enhance the app’s interface and user experience. The initiative focuses on standardizing UI elements like color schemes, typography, and icons, ensuring consistency and scalability.

Project on Figma 

Desktop version

My early work on the desktop version laid the groundwork for the app’s development, setting the stage for the intuitive, user-centric design that now characterizes the entire BehaviorApp suite, including both web and mobile platforms.


The desktop version of BehaviorApp I designed a year prior was the foundational blueprint for the entire BehaviorApp project. This initial design was conceived even before the client, a behavior agency, decided to create an app dedicated to their field.